TranzAlpine Manuka Honey – 550+MG

New - 550 MG

New TranzAlpine Manuka Honey – 550 MG

New – TranzAlpine Manuka Honey -550+ MG.  Numerous studies have reported the healing qualities of this level of Manuka Factor – Methylglyoxal (MG).  Independently tested and certified by Independent IANZ accredited laboratory.  A fabulous addition to the suite of TranzAlpine honeys we already carry – Rata (500g), White Clover (500g) and Manuka (100-250+MG; 250-500g).  And now Manuka 550+MG – $81/500g, look for it in our health care section.  All sourced from the beautiful West Coast and certified organic with BioGro.