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Kings Sprouting Seeds

Alfalfa, Energy Mix, Lentils, John O’Groats, Green Broccoli, Mung, High Health Combo, Pea, Radish, Red Clover, Red Cabbage, Sweet & Spicy, Stirfry Combo, Vita Plus

Kings Sprouting Lids

Kings Seeds – organic and non-organic when organic seeds are not available.

Amaranth, Bean – Slenderette, Bean – Scarlet Runner, Beetroot – Detroit Dark Red, Beet – Magenta Sunset, Blue Lupin, Broadbeans – Dwarf Early Green, Broadbeans – Superaquadulce, Broccoli – DiCicco, Buckwheat, Carrots – Berlicum, Carrots – Scarlet Nante, Chicken Greens, Chicory – Giant Choggia, Coriander – Indian Summer, Coriander – Slowbolt, Crimson Clover, Daikon Radish, Dutch Corn Salad, Equine Grazing Mix, Fennel, Golden Fields Fenugreek, Flax, Herbal Ley – Grazing Crop, Kale – Red Russian/Squire, Leeks – American Flag, Leeks – Carenten Giant, Lucerne, Marigold, Mesculun, Mesculun Kale Blend, Mixed Grain Carbon Crop, Mizuna, Mustard Seeds, Onion – Stuttgart, Parsley Gigante Italian, Phacaelia, Pea – Fiji Feathers, Pea – Rondo, Pea – Progress, Pea – Sugar Snap Dwarf, Pea- Blue Shelling, Poppy Fields of Colour, Radish – Cherrybelle, Radish – Ranbo, Radish French Breakfast, Rocket, Runner Bean – White, Silverbeet – Bright Lights/Mag Sunset, Silverbeet – Silver Ribs, Snowpea – Goliath, Spring Manure Mix, Spinach – American Curled, Spinach – Winter Giant, Spring Onion – Ishikawa, Vetch, Wildflower – Insect Blend

Koanga Gardens seed packets

Eco Seeds packets

NZ Biograins Green Crop-Oats/Barley


  • Waikouaiti Gardens – BG Certified
  • Youth Grow – grown for Taste Nature using certified organic seeds (where available) and potting mix

Gardening Products

  • Agrissentials Rok Solid
  • BioFeed Plant Food
  • Daltons NuFert, Compost, Potting Mix, Seed Raising Mix
  • Daltons Biofungicide
  • Habitate Planting Charts
  • Healthy Soils Marine Gro Plus
  • Koanga Neem Oil
  • Green Trading Co. Neem Oil, Neem Oil Insecticide & Neem Granules
  • DENZ Diatomaceous Earth & Pest Pistol
  • Ravensdown Lime Flour & Dolomite
  • Kiwicare Super Sulphur, Spraying Oil, Caterpillar Control, Insect Control
  • Riverton Environment Centre Moon Calenders
  • Winstone Gypsum Flour

Gardening Tools

  • Eureka Niwashi Short, Long, Grubber, Shark, Digidigi, Trilux

Animal Feed & Care

  • NZ Biograins Mash, Pellets, Wheat, Shell Grit, Stock Feed/Sheep Nuts
  • Broadlands Whole Maize
  • Organix Cat Food + Dog Food, Canned Cat Food, Dog Cookies
  • Radical Dog Dog Supplements
  • Newmans Dog Treats
  • Healthy Salt Co. Salt Lick
  • Herbology Calm Me Solution, Anti Flea Treatment
  • Green Trading Co. Neem Pet Shampoo & Neem Pet Spray
Gardening, Animal Feed & Care
Gardening, Animal Feed & Care
Gardening, Animal Feed & Care
Gardening, Animal Feed & Care
Gardening, Animal Feed & Care

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