Development Page


  1. Moved site.
  2. Updated wordpress and removed some unused plugins
  3. Added Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin
  4. Added Personalised Shopper page
  5. Added oa-social-login plugin
  6. Registered with oneall, created
  7. Registered with Amazon
  8. Disabled search engine indexing under reading settings.
  9. Added wp-members add-in.
  10. Added register and user profile pages
  11. Edited Personalised shopper page to include login/register prompt, and only display order form if user is logged in.
  12. Added function to theme to redirect non-admins to site homepage if they try to access the dashboard. May need to be changed if non-admins need to view user info etc
  13. Added function to theme to hide the admin bar for non-admin users.
  14. Enable set password during registration. Include user details in order emails.
  15. Add wp-showhide and test.
  16. Remove wp-showhide and install collapse-o-matic. Test. Add radio buttons for produce box to order form and add a produce box section to the personal shopper page
  17. Add user logged in status to header
  18. Add produce box frequency to personal shopper page and produce box sections to the email
  19. Remove social logins from wp-login page.
  20. Adjust user logged in status to not show when logged out
  21. Install page clone tool, clone home and personalised shopper pages to play with
  22. widen the sub-menus so text is no longer crunched up
  23. Add reusable box tickbox to order form
  24. Rearrange delivery menu do go to different parts of personalised shopper page.
  25. Rearrange personal shopper page and produce box section as discussed with Rayna


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