Dairy, Specialty Vegan & Other Chilled Products

Dairy – Cheese

Blue River Dairy from Southland and include varieties Curio Bay Cheddar; Curio Bay Pecorino; Tussock Creek Feta; Vintage Feta; Monowai Halloumi.

Tuturau Dairy (Retro Organics) from Southland and includes varieties Glenham Colby; Riverside Feta; Bendigo Blue; Brydone Brie; Cumin Feta, Colac Bay; Cumin Cheddar; Hedgehope; Catlins Camembert; Hokonui Halloumi; Benmore; Mataura Tasty; Mokoreta Mozarella; Sage Cheddar; Tuturau Vintage Cheddar; Wyndham Cheddar; Glencoe Garlic Colby; Farmhouse Cheese; Ricotta; Gore-Gruyere.

Sabato – Parmigiano Reggiano.

Raggedy Range assorted goat’s cheeses.

Mainland organic Cheddar cheese 500g and Fonterra organic Cheddar cheese available in bulk.

Zany Zeus (AQ certified) from Whanganui and include varieties Classic Feta; Zingy Chilli Feta; Fresh Mint Feta; Ricotta; Paneer; Halloumi; Ricotta.

Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Crème Fraiche, Mascarpone

All available from Zany Zeus (AQ certified).

Butter & Margarine

Butter from Organic Times 250g – lightly salted or unsalted.  AQ certified.
Plant Margarine from Rapunzel 250g – Ecocert certified.


From Tuturau Dairy, Southland (BG certified) – Whole Milk – 1L/2L; Lactose-Free Milk – 1L/2L



In bulk, we have Cyclops Thick & Creamy; Retro Organics Lactose-Free.

Packaged we have:

Clearwater from Canterbury – Cream Top (full fat); Cream Top Honey; Cream Top Apple & Cinnamon; Topless – 300g/500g/2kg.

Retro Organics (Tuturau Dairy Co.) from Southland – Raspberry; Greek Natural in 500g/2kg

Bio Foods Coconut Yoghurt – 330g

Raglans Coconut Yoghurt – Natural; Tumeric & Mango; BlackCurrant – 400ml/700ml

Zenzo Coconut yoghurt – Natural – 350g

Specialty Vegan Products

Soy Yoghurt; Tofu; Tempeh; Vege Sausages; Vegan Luncheon from Tonzu/Chalmers (BG certified).

Sour Cream; Vegan Cheddar, Mozarella & Parmesan from Angel Foods (non-organic)

Hummus, Pesto, Traditional & Chipotle Mayonaisse, Cashew Cheese; Aoili made in the Taste Nature kitchen.


Fermented Products

Sauerkraut & Kimchi from Taste Nature, Be Nourished, Urban Monk (Carrot Ginger Ferments; Divine Daikon; Spirited & Sanctified Sauerkraut) and Jar Up (New business, Dunedin-based)

Kombucha, Kefir & Kvas – a huge range to select from Daily Organics, Rene’s Kombucha, Kefir Company, Banjo Brew and Kvas Company

Kombucha Starter Kits from Rene’s Kombucha

Miso from Urban Hippie (Brown Rice), Mitoku (White, Hatcho & Brown Rice) & Spiral Foods (Barley) also Genmai Shiro available from Ceres.

Mad Millie Products  

Coconut yoghurt kit, Greek yoghurt kit, Kefir kit, Fermented Vege Culture Sachets, Yoghurt culture sachets; coconut yoghurt thickener and more.

Want to know more?

You can contact us by email or phone on 03 474 0219 and talk to one of our staff about availability, pricing and size range.